A Bit Of A Breather

I'm sort of in a take-a-break mode now. I've got to take care of filing all the paperwork from the property sale and send off the settlement statement to my CPA to have the data entered into Quickbooks. (That's beyond my accounting skills now, but once I see how she does it, I should be able to do it myself in the future.) I also just got a new computer (courtesy of the profits from this flip), so I've been spending time transferring data from my old system to the new one. My home office is a mess and I am shopping for new office furniture.

If a good deal comes my way, I won't turn it down, but I'm not going to be actively searching for properties until I clear up a couple of my backlogs. Which reminds me, one of the things I need to do is send some follow-up emails to the folks who responded to my entry about needing birddogs. I need to see if they are still birddogging and let them know I have funds available again.


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