House 3: Rehab Under Way

I hadn't heard from my handyman Mark (not his real name) this week, so I gave him a call. I mailed off my check to him on Tuesday morning and was hoping to hear that he got it and would be getting started soon. Turns out he started yesterday! Sweet!

He said he's got most of the trash inside the house removed and now he's working on the trash outside. He had one question. Apparently, under the pile of all the junk in the room with the fireplace, there was a small, low wall. (A picture can be found in this post. It's the one titled "This is a room just off the converted room.") I didn't notice it before because some windows and wood paneling were leaning up against and stacked on top of it. Mark wanted to know if he was supposed to remove that wall. He guesses the old owners were trying to make a bar because behind this short wall is where the cabinets that I'm having removed are hanging. He also mentioned the wall is very unstable. I told him to remove it.

I feel better now that the rehab has been started. First, it's good to know that progress is being made. Second, I'm glad to see Mark was true to his earlier word that he would be able to start the job towards the middle of this week.


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