House 3: Less Than 1 Week Left

I spoke with my escrow officer today to see if the closing, which is scheduled for Monday, is on track. Unfortunately, his response was a bit disappointing. He said the file was on his desk and he was planning on starting work on it in a day or two. This is what I hate about title companies. They've had this file for three weeks and they haven't done a thing with it yet. What will happen is they will suddenly need stuff done at the last minute and the buyer and seller will have to scramble like crazy. But the good news is I know to expect this now and shouldn't get too stressed out when it happens. The only problem here is I will be out of town on Monday, so I need to get my signing done before then. I told this to the escrow officer, who originally wanted me to come in on Friday, and he said he'd give me a call tomorrow to set up an earlier signing time.

I was hoping to learn something about the loan status of the buyer, but haven't heard anything on that. I'll need to talk to my agent. We also need to put the lower appraisal-based purchase price in writing.

I also stopped by the property on the way in to work this morning and was pleased to see the place is still standing :-) No more break-ins or vandalism, either. Hopefully, this will continue until at least right after escrow closes.


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