Potential Credit Problem - Update

This morning, I tried calling the collection agency that sent me a letter yesterday that said I owed the City of Danbury over $400. I got voicemail again, so I called the Danbury Tax Collector's office directly. Turns out, the bill is for a tax on my old car for the period from Oct. 1998 to Sep. 1999. I moved out of Connecticut in January of 1998, so this obviously doesn't apply to me.

The Tax Collector's office transferred me to the Tax Assessor's office. I told them the situation and they said I just need to fax them something showing I moved and they could cancel the fee. They also said the collection company is in regular contact with them and they would get an update of my account status.

To be on the safe side, I also told all this to the collection agency when they finally returned my call. He said the same thing, but suggested I also follow up with them about a week after I faxed my info to the tax office to make sure they have the updated status. Since I plan on buying a property shortly, I want to me sure my credit report isn't dinged.

Anyway, the cause of all this, according to the tax assessor, is that I did not cancel my license plates when I moved and registered my vehicle out here. I thought this was all handled by the DMV out here - after all, they confiscated my old plates! Apparently not.


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