Update On All My Projects

I'm back from Vegas, poorer, but relaxed...

Looks like my feeling that things might be improving at my property management company was correct. I've found out that the company is being bought by an employee and that they have ramped up the staffing and efficiency of the office. That makes me feel better.

I also finally received the Release of Mortgage for my refi of Rental #1. I got that notarized and will send that back today, so my private money mortgage I used to purchase the property will officially be released.

I've got a conference call tomorrow morning about the commercial investment I am part of in Louisiana. Don't have all the details yet, but the good news is that the majority owner that took control of the project midway through and stopped payments and basically screwed everything up has agreed to be bought out at a discount. More details to come!

I think that's about all the info I have on all the projects I've got going now. For the future, I think my thoughts have turned from looking for Section 8 / non-Section 8 single family homes to fourplexes... More investigation is necessary.


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