Cashflow Day

Got my rent check today from Rental #1. I am pleased to report the tenants have finally paid the $200 they never paid back in May. No need to evict them.

I'm of two minds on this. These tenants have a history of late payments and I have already decided that I will not renew their lease when it is up in November. After reading what happened to Trisha's property after her tenant was evicted, I'm not really looking forward to having to evict someone. So to get the tenants out of the property, my choices are eviction for some reason and face possible property damage now or wait and try to find new tenants during the winter holiday season. If the tenants do decide to really damage the property if they get evicted, the property would probably be vacant for repairs close to the same amount of time as it would be if I tried to find a tenant during the holidays. In terms of lost rent, it might be a wash, but in terms of clean up costs, it would probably be cheaper to wait for the lease to expire.

In reality, I'll probably just wait for the lease to expire. August rent has been paid, so that only leaves two more months on the lease.


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