October, Please End

This has not been the best month for me. It started off nice. I bought a new bed that cost a couple thousand dollars. My wife needed it for her bad back, so we had to bite the bullet and buy it, even though I would have preferred to wait a bit. Shortly after that, the wheel bearings on my car needed to be replaced. $800. Then I got the oil changed and was told my power steering hose was leaking. Took it to the dealer and it turns out the news is worse than that. Not only is a hose leaking, but the steering gear is leaking and the intermediate shaft is wearing. Total repair cost: $1,500.

Then my wife's identity was stolen. We received two more bounced check notices yesterday. This time, the notice included copies of the checks and it's pretty obvious the checks were scrubbed.

My uncle and grandfather had to evacuate their homes in the San Diego area due to the wildfires. My uncle watched his neighbor's house, which is right behind his, burn down on TV. No word on his home yet.

Today, I got some bad news about a co-worker who hadn't shown up for work the past two days. He wasn't responding to calls or email, so we called the police and they went to his apartment. When they knocked on the door, they heard gunshots. SWAT was called and when they entered, they found him dead.

Is it November yet?


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