Good News On The ID Theft

We've got some good news on the identity theft issue. My wife got a call two days ago from the police department saying they caught a woman trying to pass a bad check with her name on it. Not only was the woman arrested, but she was singing. No kidding. The police actually said "she's singing" and naming all the people involved in the scam. I thought police only talked like that on TV!

Anyway, I guess there were several people involved and they are rounding them up now. The police asked if my wife wanted to press charges, and of course, she does. This woman is facing ten counts of forging checks - so far. We're faxing the police each bounced check notice we get and each one is another charge.

What strange is that the woman had my wife's actual driver's license! A couple years ago, my wife had her purse stolen from her car while she dropped our daughter off at daycare. The police got it back the same day and I thought everything was still in it (except for cash, of course). I guess we must have forgotten they took her driver's license. So that explains how they got her ID. So now my wife has to go get a license with a different number on it. This also demonstrates how lax clerks are at checking IDs when taking checks. My wife is about 5 foot 10 and the woman forging checks is about 5 foot 2, according to the police. Anyway, I also find it interesting that the driver's license has hung around this long without being used before. (We've been checking her credit report regularly, so I know no forged accounts have been opened in the last couple of years.)


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