Tulsa House Is Likely Rented!

I say likely, because it's not official yet. A potential renter saw the property on Saturday and wanted to make sure I was ok with his dog before he signed a lease. Actually, he asked if I was ok with his malamute. My first thought was what is that, a ferret or something? A quick wikipedia search showed me what he was talking about. This dog doesn't bother me. I charge a $250 pet deposit, which should be enough to cover the extra cleanup that will need to be done when he moves out. (I'm expecting this dog will shed lots of hair.)

The management company is contacting him again and hopefully, I'll have a signed lease soon. He is paying the higher $800 rent, so I'm making some extra cash there. That will come in handy because my previous glee at finding out I was being charged a lower property tax this year turned out to be short lived. Over the weekend, I got an updated property valuation notice that my property tax will indeed be based on my purchase price, not the lower purchase price of the previous owner. This was to be expected and I used the higher tax amount in my analysis when I bought the place, but I thought I was going to get an extra year of the lower tax. No such luck.

I don't think this guy is a Section 8 tenant. I gave the management company the go-ahead to accept Section 8 tenants, but I think this guy found the place before the Section 8 inspection / approval process was finished. I'll have to verify this the next time I speak with the management company.


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