Sale Of Rental #1 Moving Forward

My agent and the buyer's agent all got quotes for repairing the roof - I think I've seen about 6 different quotes. All are around the $7,000 to $8,000 range. The roof is not damaged enough for insurance to cover it, so that's out. The buyer and I have renegotiated and we are now back to their original offer price of $50,000. That $5,000 less than the original contract price, but it's still less than what it would cost me to repair the roof, so I'm coming out a bit ahead there. (I won't be coming out ahead on the entire property though.)

We are still going to try for our original close of escrow date of July 2 - which is Wednesday. Not sure this can happen, but the title company is going to try. They are unable to locate the abstract of the property, so I've given them the name and company of the title agent I worked with when I bought the place. There were potential title issues then and they had to do some work to clear it up. To my knowledge, it was cleared up, but I guess they didn't return the abstract or something.

The title company is also going to fax me all the paperwork to sign and I will need to overnight it back so they have it on Wednesday. I just realized my wife's name is on the paperwork too. This will be a bit of a hassle since our signatures will need to be notarized. There is a notary in my office, so getting mine done is no problem, but getting hers will require some running around. And, of course, I will need to wire the title company some funds. I did find out that the buyer already has all the paperwork and their funds at the title company.


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