Details of Rental #1 Repairs

As I mentioned Monday, I was waiting for the hardcopy paperwork and refund check from the property managers for Rental #1 in Tulsa. Good thing I saved the scanned images they emailed me, because they did not mail me the actual invoices, only a check. Here's the breakdown of what they did to get the property ready for sale. Figures have been rounded to the nearest dollar.


Management fee - $75 - This was for a partial month
Maintenance - $30
Lawn Maintenance - $200 - This was only for a partial clean up. More next month.
Cleaning - $75

In looking at the invoice details, I see that they charged me $25 for each trip to the property to meet someone plus mileage charges of between $15 and $20 each trip. This may be standard procedure for property management companies, but my old PM company never charged me. Of course, given the condition the property was in, it's likely they never went out to the property anyway.


Management fee - $100
Maintenance - $137
Paint and paint supplies - $255
Lawn maintenance - $625
Cleaning - $238
Doors / windows - $25
Exterminating - $100

The maintenance included replacing the chimney cap, which had blown off during a storm during the month and removing some water that came down the chimney. It also included removing the satellite dish that the storm also blew down.

I should also note that the PM company was the one who did much of the yard work, painting, and other minor maintenance. I was properly billed for their time, of course, although I have my doubts that they are qualified to do some of the repairs they did. Apparently, the garage was full of junk, as they billed me for 8 hours to clean out the garage and haul the trash to the dump. If the garage was full of junk, no wonder the place wouldn't rent for months!


Management fee - $100
Maintenance - $70

"Maintenance" this month means they met three contractors to get repair quotes for the roof plus mileage charges.


Natural gas bill - $126
Electric bill - $286

I think these are so high because they cover multiple months. Both bills include notices that bills were paid late. I don't see any late charges listed, but it does make me wonder why they weren't paid on time.


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