Hard Money #6 Cashflow Day

I got my first payment from Hard Money loan #6 today. I also got copies of the paperwork - mortgage, loan servicing agreement, etc. One thing that is slightly different about this loan is the payment due date and overdue dates. Normally, payments are due on the first of the month and overdue if not received by the 15th. This loan however, has payments due on the 7th of the month and overdue if not received by the 17th. No big deal. Just a bit different. Note that this setup actually gives the borrower less time before a payment is overdue - 10 days versus 15. Not that I expect any late payments.

In reviewing the paperwork, I noticed one other thing different than I mentioned before. I originally said the property was bought at auction for $272,000 and the lender was owed $488,000. Turns out, the lender was owed $524,000. That doesn't really matter, as the important figure is what the house is worth now - which still is around $300,000 to $350,000.


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