AT&T Discount Plans

Not real estate related, but I had to pass on this huge money-saving tip!

Last week, I purchased iPhones for my wife and I. Previously, we had cell phones on the Sprint network and were billed separately. As part of my cost-cutting hunt that led me to eliminate my landline phones, I switch our cellphones to a family plan from AT&T where we share minutes. That saved us about $30 a month. Then, I found an even better discount.

AT&T has apparently has agreements with large corporations and schools throughout the country to give employees and students discounts. I first read about this on an iPhone hacking site that I can't find again, so sorry for no linkback. But here is the link to AT&T site to check your eligibility. The iPhone site mentioned I could get a 15% discount on my current service. Since my wife works at a university, I figured I try. She was eligible and so I signed up. Within minutes I got a confirmation back that I was signed up for the discount.

Today, I got a new info packet from AT&T that shows my new costs. Instead of a 15% discount, I got a whopping 55% discount!! My cost went from $106 a month to $48! In looking at the details, my Familytalk Nation 700 plan went from $60 to $9.99. I still have the unlimited data plan for the iPhone and all the other service features.

The iPhone data plan ($30 a month) is not eligible for a discount, but even so, this is still a huge savings. If you or your spouse work for a large organization and use AT&T, it's worth the 5 minutes to check to see if you are eligible! I do not know if the amount of the discount varies depending on what company / school you are affiliated with, so your mileage may vary.


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