Off Topic Follow Up

Although I never heard back from "Al" after my last email, I did get a new spam message today that made me laugh:

Dear Beneficiary;

We are mandated to transfer you the total sum of $250,000Usd via Western
Union by the United Nations,ECOWAS and the Nigeria Government/World Bank to
compensate you on the past experience had with scammers and internet
fraudsters, I have on a good authority email you the MTCN and sender's
details to enable you pick up the first $5,000.00,USD and confirm receipt to
us so as to enable us wire the next USD10,000.00 by tomorrow and subsequent
ones since we can only send USD10,000.00 a day . Please provide Your Names,
Address, Phone Number,Country of Residence to enable us process your first
payment of $5,000Usd within the next 24Hours. Sender: Andy Wong, MTCN 839-309-

contact Info;
Mr.Paul Chavez
Online Director/claims agent.
Waiting to hear from you soon.


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