A Handy Tool For Landlords

I came across a handy little website the other day that I though might be useful for landlords or anyone else who needs to send certified or return-receipt letters. Send-certified-mail.com provides an easy way to send out a certified letter. You can also get an electronic proof of delivery or electronic copy of the recipients signature.

If you want to use the service, you simply upload your letter as a PDF or Word file and enter the mailing address and your return address. The accept Paypal for payment. There is no monthly subscription fee to use the service. You only need to pay when you actually mail something.

I found their prices to be reasonable. It may cost a dollar or two more than if you took it to the post office yourself, but being able to send a certified letter from your computer sure beats having to trek down to the post office.

I believe the company is based on the East Coast, so that is where your letters will be mailed from. If you upload your document and pay prior to 11 AM Eastern time, it will be mailed that day. I did experience a quirk that briefly caused me some worry: When you upload your letter, it will appear for a while on their website under a section titled "My Uploaded Letters." Once, it is printed, it will disappear from there. Don't worry - the next day it will reappear in the Letter Tracking section.I've heard from their customer support that they will be revamping their website soon to make things more clear.


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