Guess What?

The cabinet are not done!

Now, I know that probably comes as a surprise to many people. After all, this is just a simple little cabinet job. I mean, how long can it take, right? And the guy told me he would be done yesterday...

Ah. Nothing like some sarcasm to start the day off right. I ventured out to the house this morning and discovered the remaining two cabinet doors were still not installed. I was pissed and proceeded to give my lungs and vocal cords quite the workout. I left, forgetting to install the new bathroom light cover.

So I get to work and figure I'll wait until around 8:30 or so to call Keith. At 7:00, I get a call from him. He said he was wondering if he could meet up with me at the house this morning. When I told him I was already there and gone, he was taken aback. Yesterday, when I told him I was going to swing by before work, he assumed I worked the standard 8 AM to 5 PM hours. Actually, I work 6 AM to 3 PM, so when I visit somewhere before work, it's really early. I told him the doors weren't installed. He said he knew that and he didn't get over there last night because he wasn't done with another job until 10 PM. He said he was going to pick up some coffee and get over to the house this morning and finish. He'll call me when it's done.

It looks like things will be done today. At least I hope they will. If so, I'll email my agent the property details to get it listed, but I will still need to go back there for some work. The stove was still not put back in place and, although the debris from the cabinet install was swept up, it was still in a pile in the living room. Not sure if Keith will clean this up or if I have to. And of course, I still need to install the bathroom light cover and the sink plug.


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