House Is Listed!! (Updated)

Or it will be, as soon as my agent checks her email.

I went to the property this morning and everything looks good! The cabinets are finished!! Finally!!! I spent about 45 minutes cleaning up the place. There was a bunch of sawdust from the cabinet install to vacuum up, plus all the boxes for the cabinet doors had to be thrown out. I installed the bathroom light cover and the sink hole plug. The old kitchen countertop was on the back patio. It's too big to fit in my car as is and I didn't want to spend the time taking it apart, so I moved it under the kitchen window, where it is out of sight from inside the house. With all the boxes and wood cuttings, the two trash cans are filled again. I have not done anything with the dead weeds in the yard and one bathroom is missing a shower curtain, but I'm not going to do anything about those unless the buyer requests it.

I did take pictures of the cabinets and I was all set to include them in this post when I realized I forgot to bring the camera's USB cable to work with me. So pictures will have to wait until this evening. Sorry!

I'm listing the house at $167,000. We'll see if we get any bites. Hopefully, my agent will have it listed and a Realtor lockbox on the place in time for the weekend.

11:05 AM Update: Just heard back from my agent. The signpost for the For Sale sign is being ordered today and the house will be in the MLS by this evening. FYI, as I mentioned way back when, I instructed her to use some special words and to avoid using others in the listing to try to get a higher price.


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