First Payment From Commercial Project Received

I received my first payment yesterday from the large commercial project in Louisiana I invested in recently. Also had an update on the progress from the property owners. They have hired a new property management company and that company is actually moving into the building, which is a plus. This company managed the building for over a decade before the previous owner took over and had the property at 80% occupancy. They are currently at 40%, but they feel they can get it up to 80%. On the bad news front, three air conditioning units went out and they will cost the owner $30,000 to repair.

In looking at my last post on this topic, I realized I forgot to mention one important fact: My ROI on this investment is infinite! Yes, I am getting a 12% return, but the money I put into this project came from a line of credit that is costing me 7%. I get each payment, use some to make my line of credit payment, and pocket the rest. While it looks like this means I am actually making 5% on my money, I am not. Because none of the money generating the income is my money, I have zero dollars in the deal. This means I am getting money each month with none of my money invested, which gives a return on investment figure of infinity! Of course, there is some risk involved in this and I do have reserves set aside in case things go south, but it's hard to beat an infinite return!


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