House 3: Signing Complete!

When I showed up at the escrow office this morning, the buyer was still signing her documents. I took the opportunity to give her the keys to the property. Technically, I should wait until the loan has funded and the documents have been recorded, but I don't want to have to make another trip to the property or escrow office. I signed my paperwork and left. They are going to send the docs to the lender by courier in an attempt to get the loan funded today. If not, it will be Monday. I figure if the buyer has the keys, she might start moving in over the weekend and a property with someone living in it has a much lower risk of being vandalized than a vacant one. I'm not worried about the loan not funding. Once the lender has sent loan docs, it's pretty much a done deal.

After the signing, I went to the property one last time to pick up my lockbox (I actually still have a set of keys, should something go horribly wrong), my two lamps, and timers. Still no vandalism, so that's good.

Once I have verified the funds have hit my bank, I'll get the utilities taken out of my company's name.


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