Refinance Almost Done

The refinance of Rental #1 is almost done. As usual, there has been a flurry of last minute activity. I received the docs via FedEx today and was planning on having them notarized today and sent back. Turns out, I can't do that. The lender wrote up the paperwork as if I will sign them tomorrow. Since these are notarized, I can't just sign a different date, so I have to wait until tomorrow to get all the papers notarized. Pretty silly if you ask me. I know there are interest charges involved, which is why the date is important, but I don't know why I can't get everything signed and the escrow company can just hold off on dispersing the money for a day. Since I wouldn't have the money a day early, I shouldn't be charged interest on it and everything should work out OK. I guess the lender doesn't want to do that.

And tomorrow, I'm leaving for Laughlin for a couple days, so now I've got one more thing to get done before I go.

I will be wiring my funds to the escrow company today though. At least I can get that done today.


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