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Trisha has taken a break from building her empire and tagged me to find out what magazines I read on a regular basis.

This one's easy. I read exactly one magazine regularly: Cook's Illustrated. I love to cook and what I like about this magazine is they don't just give recipes. They explain what different ingredients and techniques they tried, the results, and discuss how they came to settle on the ingredients and methods they present. The engineer in me loves this stuff. The magazine also only comes out every other month and is fairly thin, which means I can find time to read it all.

Occasionally, I'll pick up an issue of Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine, which is a nice Phoenix-based REI mag, but I don't subscribe and only read it sporadically. I get it more for the ads than anything else.

I'll tag:

Kenric at Live Learn Invest (Cliff also tagged you.)

Molly at My Madeleine (who will probably never see this, since I am a lurker on her blog)


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