Finally, A Callback

One of the tree services I emailed finally called me back. I got a voicemail Thursday around 4:30 PM asking if I was still needing service. I called back and got the guy's voicemail, so I left a message telling him yes, I still needed service and gave him some details. I didn't hear anything Friday or Saturday. Sunday afternoon rolls around and I get a phone call from the guy. He's calling me from the property and quotes me $275 to trim the dead parts off the tree and $450 to remove the tree and grind the stump away. He tells me the tree is half dead. Since I am going to be selling the place, I think even half a tree would look better than nothing, so I opt for the trim. It should be done Tuesday, but I told him as long as it was finished this week, that would be ok. He's going to send me a bill and, supposedly, call me when it is done. I say supposedly because when I asked him to call me when it was done, he sounded a little put out. I guess that's not something he normally does. But heck, if he's willing to work on a Sunday afternoon, I think he should be willing to follow up and call me when the job is complete.

The tree probably hasn't been watered since I bought the property. I did not see an irrigation system, so I guess the previous owners watered it with a hose. I never thought about watering it of course, since I didn't plan on holding the property as long as I have. We had some storms over the weekend, so the rain should help the tree. It also looks pretty mature and I hope it has deep roots and can find water somewhere underground. Lord knows that with the 110+ degree weather we've been having lately, there isn't much water to be found above ground!


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