Joe Strikes Back

Joe, the fool cabinet maker I had originally hired, and who has given me nothing but problems, problems, and more problems, has bit me again. Keith and Corbin called me tonight from the property and Keith said he needed me to make an executive decision. It seems Joe had measured wrong or built wrong or just screwed up in some other way and did not make the cabinets wide enough on the bottom. There is a 1.5 inch gap between the stove and the cabinets on both sides of the stove. And the countertops are built to the dimensions of the cabinets, so that means the counter tops, which were supposed to be installed today, were also short. Keith said we could go as is and leave the gap or wait two weeks for a new countertop to be made. *sigh*

If I was just renting the place, I'd probably just live with the gap. But since I am planning on selling, I really can't let the gap stay. It'll be a major drawback and probably the most glaring thing in an otherwise completely rebuilt kitchen. So I opted to get new countertops and be stuck with a two week delay. After making my decision, Keith said that's the choice he would have made too. It's better to do things right the first time.

So Keith will go ahead and work on the kitchen cabinets next week and Corbin will order the new countertop on Monday. One piece of good news is that the bathroom vanities are in, including the countertops. The sinks are not installed though. Corbin didn't have time to do them today, but he agreed to install them when he returns in two weeks with the new countertop.

This is why I'm not bothering with the weeds in the yard until I know everything is done.


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