Joe Returns

I got a call from Joe, the old cabinet guy today. He wanted to send me a fax. The fax at the number he currently has is out of ink and apparently, it's not accepting new faxes. He first asked me for another fax number so he could fax me some paperwork. I told him I was done dealing with him and refused to give him a number. He said ok and hung up.

About 30 seconds later, he called me back and told me the owner of the trailer wants to know where the trailer is. I told Joe I did what I told him I was going to do in my fax. Joe is claiming he was out of town and didn't get my fax until just now and he was going to fax me his plane tickets to prove it. I told him I have been telling him for at least a month that I wanted the trailer gone and I asked Joe why he hadn't hauled it away in all that time. He never answered that question. Joe said the owner was going to report the trailer stolen. I explained that, since Joe was not returning my phone calls or faxes and that the trailer had been sitting on my property for months, it was an abandoned vehicle and I had spoken with the city and they told me I could do what I wanted with it. I also told Joe I was done talking to him and hung up.


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