House 3: Escrow Has Closed

I am now officially the owner of the property! The escrow company called me and told me everything has been recorded. I'll head over there later today and pick up copies of the finalized documents and a key to the property.

The seller responded to the questions my insurance agent asked:

  • The plumbing has not been updated in the time the seller has lived there (since 1995).
  • A new circuit breaker box was installed last year.
  • The roof was replaced about 10 years ago and some minor repairs to it were made last year.
I've agreed to let the seller stay in the property until Sunday night. She's planning on having a big yard sale on Saturday. She said she has already put a down payment on a house in Florida and can't wait to get out there, so I don't expect there will be any problems getting her to leave.

I tried calling my handyman to set up an appointment for Wednesday to go over what needs to be fixed, but I got his voicemail. No return call yet. I plan to go check out the property on Tuesday and meet with the handyman on Wednesday. On one of those days, I will also try to schedule a locksmith to come out and re-key all the locks (but if the doorknobs aren't in good shape, I'll just have the handyman replace the knobs instead). Depending on the state of the appliances, I may have to order new ones and get those installed. Once I have an estimate from the handyman on when their work will be done, I'll schedule new carpet to be installed shortly after that. If all goes well, I'll then be able to put the house on the market!


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