House 3: Purchase Moving Forward

I finally got in contact with the escrow officer this morning. He doesn't have a dollar amount for me yet because he is still trying to contact the seller to get her payoff amount. Once he has that, I can bring a check over and sign everything. I had to fax him my LLC's Articles Of Organization. This is a standard request, so I had copies ready and faxed them over a minute ago.

I emailed Joe to see if by any chance he got an SPDS from the seller yet. This will tell me which utility companies I need to call to transfer service (among other things).

I've decided to go with a different handyman this time, rather then the guy I've used on my last two projects. That guy was pretty good, especially with his price, but he works really slow and always takes longer to complete a job than he estimates. Instead, I contacted a company that I used for a job at my own residence a couple years ago. I wasn't sure how big of a job they could handle, so I called and gave them a rough idea of what I need done - interior and exterior paint, bathroom repair, some drywall work, etc. Turns out, they handle everything from a complete remodel to changing a light bulb. As an added bonus, their next opening is Monday, which is when I should have possession of the property. I didn't set a definite appointment yet, since I don't have keys to the property and I haven't even looked around to generate a list of everything that needs to be done, but I let them know a job will be heading their way soon. They will probably be a bit more expensive than my other guy, but, from what I've seen of their work, they are more professional and punctual.

On the administrative side of things, I made some purchases that I had been putting off for a while. I got the 2006 version of Quickbooks Pro, which I need to import the file that my CPA returned to me. I also ordered my business cards and bought a fax software package for my PC. This will accept faxes, convert them to PDF files, and email them to me. This way, I don't have to be at home to pick up a fax and, hopefully, I can cut down on the amount of paper generated (which is always a lot in this business).


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