House 3: Papers Signed

I made the trip to the title office this morning and signed all the paperwork and dropped off a cashier's check. Now the seller has to go in and sign and the deal will be done! I found out the seller is a hairdresser, so she's walking away from this deal with the equivalent of 2 years salary. Nice.

I also called the utility companies and had service transferred to my name, effective tomorrow.

I got a call from my insurance agent, who had some questions about the building. It was originally built in 1951 and he wanted to know if the plumbing, electrical, or roof had been updated since then. I don't know the answer, so I've passed those questions on to the seller.

The next steps for me are to meet with the seller (or Joe, who assigned his contract to me) and get the keys. Then, I need to go through the house and make a list of what needs to be repaired.


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