House 3: Photos and Fix Up List

I met up with my handyman this morning to go over my list of things that need to be done. Here's my list:

Whole House

  • Trash out
  • New paint inside and out
  • New A/C vents
  • Replace mini-blinds / vertical blinds
  • Remove drapes
  • New linoleum where there is existing linoleum except hallway.
  • Replace all electrical outlets, light switches, and plates.

Front Room

  • New front door. Use existing knobs / lock if possible
  • New wall heater
  • Remove door and door frame at archway
  • Replace ceiling fan

Rooms Through Archway

  • Replace door to add-on room and install door knob
  • Replace window A/C unit
  • Replace skinny windows with all the same type
  • Can wood paneling be removed?
  • Fix holes in drywall
  • Clean up / Reface fireplace
  • Remove cabinets

Laundry Room

  • Remove washer and dryer
  • Replace window
  • New light fixture
  • Fix drywall
  • New outside door. Use same knob if possible


  • Remove refrigerator
  • Remove stove
  • Replace cabinets, countertop, and sink
  • New light fixture

Bedroom 1

  • New door
  • New closet door
  • New ceiling fan

Bedroom 2

  • New closet door

Bedroom 3

  • New closet door


  • New vanity
  • New bath / shower enclosure and hardware
  • New window
  • New medicine cabinet
  • New light fixture
  • New toilet


  • New closet door


  • Remove car
  • Remove shed
  • Remove trash
  • Replace evap unit
  • Replace fence

Front Yard

  • Fix tops of fence pillars
  • Fix roof fascia
  • Straighten and repaint fence iron
  • Replace outside light
  • New house numbers (1 place only)

I was a little bit disappointed to learn he no longer has additional people working for him, so the job will take longer. He estimates it will take about a month and he can't get started until the middle of next week. He'll be faxing me a quote later. This is a pretty big job, so I'll see how well he does, not only in terms of worksmanship, but also time estimates and cost.

Now, on to the photos!

The Entryway / Family room:

The Entryway / Family room

Converted Room: This room was a carport.

The kitchen:

This is a room just off the converted room:

Bedroom 1:

Bedroom 2:

There is one additional bedroom that I did not take a picture of. Looking over these pictures, I've noticed they don't really do the place justice. It's much trashy-er than this shows :-) I should have taken some pictures of the backyard...

My handyman suggested that the kitchen cabinets might just need to be refinished instead of replaced. I thought about replacing them because the bottom of some of them needed replacing. I also am replacing the countertop and sink, so I figured might as well do it all. It's pretty much a straight run, so I don't think they would be too expensive. The handyman is going to consult with his cabinet guy and see which option is more affordable.


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