House 3: Burgled!

I got a call from my handyman this morning with some bad news that could have been worse news. Apparently, the house was broken into last night. The thief or thieves broke in by prying open the bathroom window. All that was taken was the painter's paint sprayer and four 20 gallon buckets of paint. A police report has been filed and the handyman said, according to police, there has been a rash of burglaries in the area. They also indicated the house isn't in the best neighborhood (but I knew that).

The windows in the house are the old kind that have a little crank that opens them. The police say those are easy to pry open with a screwdriver. The handyman is going to replace the bathroom window with one that doesn't open, but of course, there are other windows in the house that are the crank type.

The really good news is there was no vandalism. The house is pretty much empty except for some appliances, and I am going to be throwing those out anyway. However, if the thieves had decided to destroy the place, that could have been very costly.

In other news, the car in back has finally been removed. Mark also says he should be done working on the place by the end of next week. I'd have to check, but I think that puts the project at 6 or 7 weeks to completion instead of the 4 I'd hoped for. I am meeting the carpet guy there tomorrow to get the place measured for a quote on carpet. I'm told there is only about a 2 day lead time needed to get the carpet installed, so as soon as I give them the go-ahead, it should be installed quickly.


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