House 3: Listed!

I got the house listed last night around 10 PM. My agent is leaving town for the weekend, so we scrambled a bit to get this in before she left. She said there were two other active listings in the area, one listed at $215,000 and one at $235,000. She thought that last one was wishful thinking. Anyway, mine is listed at $199,000, so it should attract some attention being the lowest priced house in the neighborhood.

If you remember, when I had the locksmith out there, he recognized me from my previous property and said he thought that one was up for sale again. My agent was curious and looked it up. Sure enough, it is. The listing included pictures and she could see they had some plants in the kitchen windows and some other decorative stuff. The listing said the furnishings would be included with a full price offer. Reminds me of the staging idea I heard about a while back. Anyway, the property is listed for $225,000. They bought it from me for $181,000 last October. The property is still on the market and has been for 35 days.

I stopped by my current property this morning to verify everything was locked and the carpet was completely installed. Everything looked good. I took some pictures and will post some before and after shots shortly.

The Lowes delivery department called me back, but I missed the call. They have a couple different size gas hoses and need to know what size to bring. I have no idea and I'm too busy to drive out there again to find out. Instead, I called my handyman and he agreed to go check it out and get one installed for me.


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