House 3: Closing In On Completion

I got an update from the handyman today. The interior painting has been completed and the exterior painting should be finished this week. The flooring contractor was scheduled for this week, but we don't have a date yet on when that will be started. The handyman hopes everything will be done this week, but that will depend on the flooring guy.

I sent an email to my insurance agent about the policy cancellation. I informed him of the rehab work and asked if there is anything we can do to get the coverage reinstated.

I'll sign and fax back the quote for the carpet and get that installation scheduled. I don't see why the carpet and flooring guys can't be working at the same time. I'll also need to stop by Lowes and buy a new stove today or tomorrow. I'll schedule delivery for a week out, which should give the flooring guy time to get the kitchen done.


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